-I've never had a character resonate for me on such a personal level as Steve Rogers. When I was a kid, I fought the drunk abusive stepdad at home, bullies at school, and wanted to be a Marine or cop-- but health issues kept me out of service. I've always felt long on cynicism and short on real heroes. It's unspeakably cool for me to see a character that really embodies the code of conduct I've always tried to hold myself to. Like finding a long-lost brother-at-arms. 从未有一个角色像Steve Rogers这样给我如此私人的共鸣。当我还是个孩童时,在家里我反抗着我嗜酒成性的继父,在学校反抗着校园暴力,我曾想成为海军或者是做个警察,但是由于健康原因无法服役。我总是愤世嫉俗,而对真正的英雄不屑一顾。这对我来说真是无法形容的美妙,当有一个角色真正具备了我一直以来试图让自己做到的行为准则,他呈现在了我的面前,宛如我长久失散的手足兄弟。

Right now I'm watching my grandpa die. He's finally losing his 3 year battle with cancer and he'll be lucky to make it till the holidays. He's a WW2 vet with a quirky sense of humor and I've always admired him, but have been too cynical to say so until the last year. When that generation is gone, the world will be so much poorer for their loss. These movies turned up not only when we NEED "old fashioned," but we're in danger of losing our last natural supply.  现如今我正目睹我祖父步入死亡。他最终还是在与癌症搏斗的三年战役中败下阵来。幸运的话他可能可以撑到这个假日。他是一名二战老兵,有着古怪的幽默感。我一直崇拜着他,但是因为太玩世不恭而无法宣之于口,直到去年。当这一代人远去,世界将会因失去他们而更加贫瘠。这些电影不仅仅是出现在当我们【亟需】“老派作风”的时刻,更是出现在我们最后一代天才即将离去的时刻(译者:这句拿不准)。

I think it's really funny that I've managed to avoid any exposure to this truly iconic character in comic book history, until such a time I was truly able to appreciate him.   这挺有意思的,长久以来我一直设法避免自己暴露在漫画史上这个真正标杆式的角色的影响下,直到这样一部电影我才真正能够欣赏他。

Maybe a little TMI for the group, but it's the truth. 我好像说的有点多了,不过这是我的真心话。

-No problem. 无妨。
Sorry about your grandpa, my prayers to you and him. I lost my dad last year....he barely missed WWII but was in the Korean War. My wife's dad was in WWII (she didn't find out until after his death that he had been at the DDay landing) so I understand what you mean about us losing a special generation. 很抱歉你祖父的事,我为你和他而祈祷。我去年失去了父亲,他几乎没怎么参加二战,但是参加过韩战。我的岳父参加过二战(我妻子直到他死后才知道他参加了诺曼底登陆),所以我很明白你所说的我们正在失去非常特别的一代人。

Cap has been my comic book hero since I was a kid (I'm about to turn 55) because of his origin. We wasn't born with special powers, or got them by accident...he volunteered for an experiment that could have killed him for the good of others. He grew up being picked on, but was a good decent human being. That's a hero. 美队自我从孩童起就是我的漫画英雄(我马上就要55岁了),正是因为他的出身。我们都不是天赋异禀,也不曾机缘巧合得到能力,他是为了能为其他人做些好事而自愿参加实验,而那实验很可能会置他于死地。他在备受欺凌中成长,但依旧是一个正派的好人。这才是一个英雄。






-There was a bigger ooh and murmur in my audience when he appeared in that tank than during the Bucky reveal. 在Bucky追杀后队长穿着那身背心出现时,我那场的观众发出了大声的“ooh”和喃喃细语。

He's truly wonderful here. Aside from the aesthetics (and in some scenes his face is almost surreally beautiful) and the athleticism and physicality during fight scenes that tops any other super-hero actor I can recall Evans brings such humanity to the role. 这片子里他实在是太赞了。除了审美(有些镜头他的脸几乎有种超凡脱俗的美)以及打斗场面中的运动能力与身体素质超过了其他任何一个我能想到的超级英雄演员之外,Evans还使这个角色如此人性化。

He's so believably steadfast, honorable and kind - all of which he makes not only a strength but a vulnerability. His scenes with his "best girl" Peggy and the "to the end of the line" with Bucky" are gut wrenching. 他是如此可信地坚定不移,高贵而仁慈,而这一切他不仅用力量表现出来,更用一种脆弱感表现了出来。他和他“心爱的姑娘”Peggy的镜头,他和Bucky“陪你一直到最后”的镜头,都是如此动人心弦。

He's now also so believable in Captain mode. I loved his first scene with Fury about how he doesn't appreciate being undermined on a mission and how he confronts Natasha about the same thing. 他如今在队长模式中也表现得非常有说服力。我爱他和Fury的第一个镜头,关于他对破坏任务的不满,以及他为同一件事责备Natasha的时候。

Oh the scenes between Steve and Natasha - so much chemistry. So much that it really makes it hard to get excited about Agent 13 as a love interest (and I'm already iffy on that because stuff from the comics - like her "killing" him and his kid) Steve与Natasha之间的场景,如此有化学反应。这反应实在太强,以至于无法对(队长与)特工13的罗曼史有丝毫兴趣(在漫画中我也是如此,像是她“杀”了他和他的孩子)

 -Chris Evans is simply a beautiful man. He has always been hot, but when he was younger it was just hotness with no depth. Now his face and body almost seem sculpted into the perfect form. There is also a maturity that comes with age, a gravitas that makes Evans seem that much more handsome.   Chris Evans是这样美的一个人。他一直很火辣,但是他年轻时候仅只是火辣而没有深度。如今他的脸庞和身体几乎是宛若雕刻出来的完美形态。伴随年龄增长而来的成熟,一种庄重感使得Evans看起来更加英俊得多。

Evans has great chemistry with most of the other actors but his scenes with Scarlett were the best. Steve & Natasha make such a wonderful pair that it's hard for me to accept that the writers are going with the stale Sharon relationship from the comics instead. In their last scene together it was obvious (to me) that Steve & Natasha have deep feelings for each other. Maybe that was just me or Chris & Scarlett were playing something that wasn't on the page. Regardless, when Natasha went to kiss Steve, I fully expected another kiss on the lips instead of the peck on the cheek that we saw.  Evans跟几乎所有其他演员都有化学反应,但是他和Scarlett是最强的。Steve和Natasha组成了如此精彩的一对,让我难以接受编剧会用漫画中那段和Sharon恋爱关系取代之。在他们一起的最后一幕中,对我来说他们俩彼此之间有着很深的感觉。或许只是我这么感觉,也或许是Chris和Scarlett演绎出了剧本中所不曾有的东西。不管怎么说,当Natasha去吻Steve的时候,我实在是希望亲到唇上而非我们所见的轻啄在脸颊上。

(That scene where they kissed on the escalator and then Nat asked, "Still feeling uncomfortable?" and Steve replied, "That's not what that feeling is!" He may be 95 but he sure ain't dead. ) (扶梯上他们亲吻的那幕,之后Nat问说:“还是感觉不适吗?”Steve回答说:“不是那种感觉!”他或许95岁了但他绝对还没死呢。)


Can we talk about Chris' eyelashes? Because they are LONNNNNNNNNG!! And in 3D, they just called out from the screen, beckoning me to kiss them… 我们能讨论一下Chris的眼睫毛吗?因为它们实在是太长长长长长长长啦!看3D时,它们在银幕上简直呼之欲出,召唤我去亲吻它们……

Uh, *ahem*, yeah. I agree with whoever said he was surreally beautiful, almost not humanly handsome. I think there was something to the lighting of certain scenes because his skin glowed like the fleece of a golden lamb… 呃,*正经哼唧*,是的。我同意那句不管是谁说过的超凡脱俗的美,几乎非人类的英俊。我想可能是某些镜头打光的缘故,因为他的皮肤看起来简直如同金羊毛一般发着光……

*cough cough* *正经地咳嗽*

I mean, yeah. Chris Evans was super totally great here. Wonderful. Perfect even. My friend even asked me if muscles were real. I kept poking the air in front of me trying to touch them 我是说,是呀。Chris Evans在本片中实在是绝赞。精彩绝伦。甚至是完美无瑕。我朋友还问我说那些肌肉是不是真的。我一直在戳着我前面的空气试图碰触它们。

然后有人立刻接应——Those eyelashes are RIDICULOUS. Every time he stood in profile or closed his eyes I kept thinking about Matt Fraction's "The weirdest part of Winter Soldier is when you just want to put Chris Evans' eyelashes in your mouth" tweet. 那些眼睫毛实在是太丧心病狂了。每次他侧面站立或者闭上双眼的时候我都禁不住想到Matt Fraction的那句“冬日战士中最不可思议的部分就是当你只想把Chris Evans的眼睫毛放到你嘴里的时候”的推文。

如此花痴(?)只见过奉导有过,所以好奇之下去查了一下这位Matt Fraction何许人也。

——曾获多项艾斯纳大奖的著名漫画家编剧 Matt Fraction。



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